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Some Fats Impair the Immune System

I listened to Dr. Chatterjee’s interview Dr. Jenna Maccicohi, an immunologist. She stated that excess fat around the organs (visceral fat) may impair the immune system. Studies have shown that excess body fat creates a chronic state of inflammation and affects the circulation of nutrients and metabolic hormones. Having a healthy immune system is especially important during a pandemic and heading into flu season. Minimizing your consumption of processed and foods high in saturated fat will help reduce the fat in your diet and associated weight gain.

She also stated that saturated fats can make the intestine leakier. This allows more microorganisms and food particles to enter the blood stream. The immune system then launches an attack against these foreign particles, leaving you more tired as well as possibly causing food allergies.

Dr. Maccicohi has a new book called, “Immunity-the Science of Staying Well”. I enjoyed the interview so much that I read her book. It is available at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library. I will be blogging about what I learned in the future! Thanks for reading!! #lifestylemedicine #olderadults # seniors

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

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