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Part of my Lifestyle Medicine Journey is to model the behaviours. This means that I role up my sleeves and start cooking! My criteria is that it must be simple, fast and tasty. Here is a list of recipes that I have tried.

Vegan Instant Pot Potato Curry  -a tasty recipe. Make rice first. While the rice is cooking, prechop the rest of the vegetables.The process took 2 hours in total. A little long, but simple and tasty! 

Microwave Eggplant-I wanted a fast recipe for the health benefits. However, this recipe must be marinated. I will keep searching!

Fast Microwave Eggplant -I found the recipe that I wanted. The search is over!

Microwaved Green Tomatoes- Green tomatoes from your garden? No problem! Omit the parmesan is fine.

Baked Apple Recipe-an easy, tasty recipe for apples when you picked too many!

Unleavened Bread- a quick and fun recipe

Red Lentil Daal 

Black Beans


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