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Lifestyle medicine is as powerful or more powerful than medications. Please work with a qualified healthcare professional who can monitor your progress daily or weekly as you embark on your health journey. Your medications will need to be decreased.

Many web resources are available to help in your journey to health. I have organized them as Nutrition, Physical Activity, Emotional Wellness, Sleep, Smoking Cessation, Obesity or Combined-when the information falls into more than one category. I included a section on coaching videos and recipes that I have found helpful.


Nutrition Facts                                                                 • nutrition videos by Dr. Michael Greger which are informative and entertaining

Canada's Food Guide                                                      • nutrition information that is plant-based

FoodData Central                                                             • nutritional content of foods

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics                                •  information on food, health and fitness

ADA Evidence Bases Library                                            •  evidence based information about nutrition

Self Nutrition Data                                                            •  information about nutrition content of foods

Am I Hungry                                                                       •  information about mindful eating
Dr. Joel Fuhrman                                                               •  a comprehensive website about nutrition

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine          • nutrition information as well as "Jump Start" Programs

PlantPure Communities                                                    •  information on where to find support groups for Whole-Food Plant-Based Eating

KIngston Whole-Food Plant-Based Group                     •  Facebook Group dedicated to Whole-Food Plant-Based Eating in Kingston, ON,                                                                                                            Canada       

Out of the Doldrums                                                         • YouTube Channel devoted to the nutritional benefits of food

Nutrition Professor                                                            • Dr. Timaree Hagenburger, MPH, RD, EP-c website

Dr Caldwell Esselstyn                                                        • articles and podcasts about the power of whole-food, plant-based diet

Rip Esselstyn                                                                       a firefighters' perspective on a whole-food, plant-based diet

Vegetarian Society of Hawaii                                           • Youtube videos about various aspects of nutrition

Center for Nutrition Studies                                            • Dr. T. Colin Campbell was the lead researcher of "The China Study"

Vegan Health                                                                      An evidence-based website examining studies about minerals and vitamins

Plantrician Project Quick Start Guide Presentation       • sign up to receive an amazing presentation about nutrition

How to Read A Nutrition Label                                         A resource from Baylor University in Texas, USA

Benefits of a Whole-Food Plant Based Diet                   •  a short 6 minute video giving an overview of the benefits

Symptoms of Low Vitamin B12                                        • Dr. Greger explains that it is more than tingling fingers!

Heart Failure Reverses                                                      • case report of Heart Failure reversing with a plant-based diet!

Relapsing Polychondritis Reverses                                  •  a testimonial by a person who tried this diet, not scientific, but hopeful!


Physical Activity

Exercise is Medicine                                                        • information about exercise guidelines

National Physical Activity Plan                                          •  information about starting a physical activity plan

Motivation                                                                           a YouTube Video introducing Self-Determination Theory

Yoga                                                                                    • a YouTube Video summarizing the science behind yoga

Rediscover the Joy of Movement w/ Kelly McGonigal         a You Tube Video describing the importance in movement

Emotional Wellness

American Psychological Association                             •  information about stress and emotional health

VIA Character Strengths                                                    •  information about personal character strengths and how to leverage them for better results

Mindfulness On-Line                                                          • information about mindfulness based on Jon Kabat-Zinn's program

Yoga 4 the Rest of Us with Kathleen                                 • trauma-sensitive yoga and mindfulness classes for the beginner


Smoking CessATION



AICR/WCRF                                                                      • evidence-based lifestyle interventions to reduce cancer risk

American Cancer Society                                                •  information about quitting smoking, healthy eating, and physical activity

American Heat Association                                             • a healthy living resources on quitting smoking, healthy eating,  physical activity, sleep and


American Institute for Cancer Research                        •  a "Reduce Your Risk of Cancer" tab  which addresses nutrition, physical activity, and weight

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention                •  the National Diabetes Prevention Program 

My Fitness Pal                                                                  •  information about exercise and nutrition

Lifestyle Facts                                                                  •  videos about all aspects of Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. John McDougall                                                        •  comprehensive website about nutrition and lifestyle

Dr. Steven Lorme                                                             •  Youtube Channel about  nutrition and exercise

Dr. Dean Ornish                                                               • comprehensive website about nutrition and lifestyle

Pain                                                                                   • Youtube video that discusses different approaches to pain   

Plant Proof Podcast                                                         • plant-based lifestyle podcast

The Power of Lifestyle Medicine                                    • 11 minute clip explaining the life changing effect of lifestyle medicine

Atrial Fibrillation                                                               • 5 minute presentation how lifestyle medicine can prevent and treat this condition


code blue redefining the practice of medicine

Forks Over Knives

The Game Changers

PlantPure Nation


This May Hurt - a different approach to chronic pain



VNutrtition and Wellnes                                                •  lemony pasta made in one pot!

Lighter World                                                                    • recipe ideas based on activity level and  personal preferences

The Nutrition Professor                                                    • nutrition professor who has created recipe resource

Dr. John McDougall                                                         • recipes indexed for each part of a meal

Forks Over Knives                                                             • searchable recipe window

Brenda Davis                                                                     • Canadian Dietitian

The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show                • website devoted to whole-food plant-based cooking

The Food Pharmacy                                                         • YouTube Channel with a great rice and bean recipe

Chef AJ                                                                               a fun YouTube Channel of amazing recipe (check out the Chef and the Dietitian)

Whole Foods Plant Based Australia                                • a great resource for festive whole-food plant-based recipes

Gift of Health                                                                    • traditional  Newfoundland recipes that have been made  healthier

Positive Relationships

Animal products affecting Health

Saturated Fats and Toxins in Fish                                •Fish may contain mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), chlordane, dioxins, and                                                                                            dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT -Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine

Hazards of Barbeque Meat                                      •  Barbeque releases carcinogenic (cancer causing particles)

Cholesterol in a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese   • 145 mg of cholesterol

Low fat Milk Associated with Parkinson's Disease    •39% increased risk when consuming >3 glasses of milk compared to <1 glass

Whole Milk Associated with Prostate Cancer           •43% increased risk of Prostate Cancer

Dairy Products Associated with Coronary Heart        replacing 5% of dairy products with plants decreased  risk of Coronary Heart

                Disease and Stroke                                        Disease  by 11% and Stroke Risk by 8%

Hormones in Milk                                                       •Cow's milk contains  prolactin, IGF-1,  PGE2,PGF2α,Tromboxan A2, cortisol,   
                                                                                      Testosterone, 5α-esteroids, Progesterone, Esterone, 17β-estradiol, Esteriol

Prostate Cancer                                                                •Increased risk of lethal prostate cancer with egg, red meat and poultry

Cancer Death                                                              a meta-analysis showing increased risk of cancer death with dairy

Postmenopausal Breast Cancer and Milk                    Increased risk with drinking cow's milk                         

Sugar Affects Health

High Glycemic Index Foods Associated with increased risk of colon and bladder cancer.-EPIC Study

Added Sugar Intake Associated with of Cardiovascular Disease. JAMA Study

Plant-Based Diet prevents disease

Alcohol worsens medical conditions

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