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I’m a relief pharmacist with twenty five years of experience. I practice in Southern Ontario. I believe that lifestyle medicine can help people move from sickness to wellness. Focusing on a whole-food, plant-based diet, physical activity, sleep, reducing harmful substances, and positive relationships are powerful tools that may reduce or eliminate prescription medications. I would be honoured to journey with you as  you take control of your health. I will need to decrease or stop medications because they become dangerous because you have become so healthy. For example, your previous blood pressure medications may cause you to fall because they continue to lower your normal blood pressure. The same applies for your diabetes medications. Your blood sugar may become too low when you are healthy.

I graduated from the University of Manitoba's Pharmacy Program in 1997. I became a Manitoba Pharmacist in 1997 and an Ontario Pharmacist in 1999.  I have worked in hospital, retail and clinic pharmacies over the years. I have completed the first and second editions of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine Core Competencies and the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from  E-Cornell University.  I have completed the Continuing Education Credits from the Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine for the last three years.

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