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Lifestyle Medicine Can Prevent or Treat Atrial Fibrillation

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in North America. Atrial fibrillation, where the heart beats irregularly, one of many types of heart disease.

I want to believe that Lifestyle Medicine is beneficial for all medical conditions. However, as a pharmacist, I need evidence to back my claims. Otherwise, I am stating an opinion instead of a fact. I have some evidence to share about atrial fibrillation. Thanks to Dr. Maria Theodorou for posting this five minute video by Dr. John Mandrola, a cardiac electrophysiology specialist at Baptist Health in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dr. Mandrola stated that in most cases, nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, sleep, and decreasing alcohol intake can improve or prevent atrial fibrillation. If you have followed my blog, you will know that these factors are the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine. I have included a link to his video on my resource page.

I am grateful for this video that empowers people to take a lifestyle approach to atrial fibrillation. Do you know someone who could benefit from this information? Please share this with them! Thanks for reading! #lifestylemedicine #seniors #olderadults #atrialfibrillation

Photo by Jair Lazaro

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