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Whole-Food Plant-Based helps Migraine Headaches

I watched Dr. Greger's video "Foods that Help Headache and Migraine Relief". He mentioned that pain and frequency of migraines can be diminished with a whole-food, plant-based diet. He stated that a low fat diet, less than 20% of daily calories, can help. Green leafy vegetables, like cabbage, contain compounds that can bind Calcintonin Gene-Related Peptide. This peptide is responsible for triggering migraines.

I know that migraine headaches are devastating. I seen people come into the pharmacy all hunched over and squinting requesting their anti-migraine medication. Their voices are barely audible because any sound is excruciating to them. In this time of Covid-19, we want to limit our trips to the emergency departments for our own sake and our society's sake. Please consider watching this video.

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