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Lift Project #3-Sunlight helps the Limbic System

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Thanks for all the feedback and positive comments regarding the importance of the Lift Project. I am glad that you feel as passionate about it as me.

he third session was just as fascinating as the other two, The limbic system is stimulated by light, sound, smell and taste! A lux is a measure of light intensity. For example, the limbic system needs 10 000 lux for 30 minutes a day to function optimally. Morning light works best which is great because morning light also resets the circadian rhythm and helps your sleep in the evening. Simply being outside will help you get the lux that you need. Please do not stare at the sun-it will damage your eyes.

This course is a game changer. I always thought of music and visually pleasing items, like flowers and paintings, as nice, but frivolous. However, they can have a profound effect on your sense of well-being! I want to encourage everyone to take this course. Your limbic system will thank you!

Photo by pixpoetry on Unsplash

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