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Welcome to Part 2 of Dr. Greger’s New Recommendation of Vitamin B12

I was so interested in Dr. Greger’s video that I downloaded the study and read it the next day! The researchers showed that taking 50 mcg/day sublingually or 2000 mcg/week sublingually helped vegetarians and vegans with low Vitamin B12 who to achieve a “normal” B12 level.

Cyanocobalamin 50 mcg sublingually is not available in Canada. An oral tablet has different absorption properties than a sublingual tablet. Oral tablets are swallowed and dissolve in the intestines. Sublingual tablets are placed under the tongue and the medication gets absorbed in the mouth. This study showed that sublingual and oral tablets are similarly absorbed. However, Dr. Greger presented a study that showed greater absorption of Vitamin B12 when the oral tablet was chewed. He stated that saliva makes this vitamin more absorbable. Sometimes with research, studies reach opposite conclusions!

Cyanocobalamin is difficult to source in Canada. Most of the major vitamin companies are switching to methylcobalamin which is less stable and has less research supporting its use. The Natural Factors Company does make cyanocobalamin 250 mcg. According to another of Dr. Greger’s videos, the supplement is best taken on its own, because multivitamin tablets can cause drug interactions with Vitamin B12. I could not find information to substantiate this claim.

The sublingual Vitamin B12 study provided supplementation to participants equivalent to a “normal” level of an average Italian resident. The researchers acknowledged that the optimal level of Vitamin B12 is unknown. It is a limitation of science that research has not be conducted in some areas and may never be done. Scientific studies require many professionals and are expensive. Drug companies are not motivated to do the research when there is no money to be made. More to come with Part 3. Thanks for reading. #lifestylemedicine

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