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Vitamin K2 Medical Research sometimes drives me nuts!

Yes, you read the title correctly! I am amazed sometime how my professional opinion changes. I wrote a blog about Vitamin K2 supplementation on July 12, 2019. In it, I reviewed Vitamin K2 and said that it was not useful. On Nov 17, 2021, I made a note on the blog that I was going to write another blog stating that K2 was useful based on a meta-analysis that I read. Unfortunately or fortunately, I never spent the time to create another blog.

Yesterday, I watched a video by Dr. Michael Greger about Vitamin K2. He detailed that some of the studies supporting supplementing with K2 were "likely fraudulent". When the data is reanalyzed removing these studies, there is "no evidence that vitamin K supplementation affects bone mineral density or vertebral fractures."

This drives me nuts! If you asked me before July 2019, I would have told you that Vitamin K2 supplementation has no benefit, After Nov 12, 2019, Vitamin K2 has benefit. Now, I will tell you to save your money and buy some leafy, green vegetables! Thanks for reading. #olderadults #seniors #lifestylemedicine #vitamink2 #nutritionfacts

Photo by Artem Podrez

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