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The Vegetarian Society of Hawaii You Tube Channel

I enjoy watching The Vegetarian Society of Hawaii’s YouTube Channel. They have great speakers. The presentations start with a view of the island. People are boating. Others are kite surfing. It is neat to watch on a cold, wintery day!

I have noticed that they do not post every talk to their YouTube Channel. It seems to me that controversial presentations are omitted. I have been able to watch these presentations on another Hawaiian website and find them stimulating and enjoyable. So far, I have watched Episode 107: ‘How To Get Plastic Out of Your Diet’ that discussed the problems with eating fish. This would have been a divisive topic for a group that is comprised of vegetarians who eat fish, whole-food plant-based eaters and vegans.

I have also watched Episode 98: ‘How Not to Go Extinct’. Dr. Sailesh Rao, the Director of Climate Healers, believes that humanity’s purpose on Earth is to moderate the climate. He presented research findings that contradicted what I understood about climate change. I found some of the stories from Hindu teachings interesting and thought-provoking.

If you want to access these presentations, please click here for the link to Olelo. Then type “Vegetarian” in the “Search Archives” field.

You can download these videos and watch them at another time! Thanks for reading. #lifestylemedicine

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