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The Brain and the Intestinal Microbiome are Linked!

I watched Dr. Chris Miller talk about stress and breast cancer on Radiant Health Dialogues. One of the interesting points that he raised was how the brain via the vagus nerve could alter the intestinal microbiome.

With that statement, I had to investigate! I found an article which verified this idea. This adds evidence that mind-body practices like yoga, can help your health. Yoga, meditation, qigong, and tai chi reduce the impact of stress on the body and the brain. Stress releases many hormones. These compounds can worsen numerous health conditions and diseases. When stress is reduced, these compounds are also reduced, which has a positive effect on the microbiome.

The other remarkable fact is that the intestinal microbiome can alter the brain. So, this process works in the opposite direction! For example, your microbiome can send strong signals to your brain to get a double cheeseburger. When you give into the craving, the bacteria that thrives on cheeseburgers gets another meal. I could write another blog about how we can harness this process for better health!

You support the health of your microbiome and your brain by tending to your stress today. Many online resources exist to help. Thanks for reading!! #lifestylemedicine #olderadults #seniors #microbiome #stress

Image by irfan ullah from Pixabay

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