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Proprioceptors and Lift Project #2

I completed the second session of the Lift Project on Sunday. What I heard was unbelievable! In fact, I spent the last few days checking sources to see if it is true. I believe that I have enough evidence to blog about this topic. Proprioceptors are nerve endings located in your muscles that can pass nerve impulses to your thalamus, a part of the limbic system.

Our physical activity has decreased tremendously over the last 60-70 years. This lack of activity is understimulating our limbic system. This understimulation may result in depressive feelings. I have not been able to find a cross-over study proving this point. However, I will keep my eyes out and blog when I find one. I have emailed the Dr. Morton for his reference, but have not receive a reply, yet.

I know from personal experience that if I sit around for the day, I feel sluggish. But, if I decide to go for a bicycle ride, I have more energy. At university, I was so glad to workout on a Friday afternoon. I felt so much better after sitting for the week attending lectures.

A practical suggestion for people who do not feel like moving is to go for a walk for just five minutes. Five minutes is do able. Now, at the end of 5 minutes, if you feel like continuing go for another 25 minutes. You will be surprised that you want to move for 30 minutes/day!

What did everyone else think of his presentation?#yourlimboislistening

Image by Raman Oza from Pixabay

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