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Lift Project #5-Gratitude

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Today’s LIFT session was about how the limbic system and the frontal cortex interact. Messages get sent back and forth between these areas of the brain. The interesting part of this presentation was how Dr. Morton applied this knowledge to help you feel better. At university, I came across the limbic system. My lectures were about the functions of the different parts of the limbic system. I was desperately trying to figure out an acronym or a diagram to memorize the information for the exam. To get a flavour for my learning at that time, please watch Dr. Sapolsky’s lecture from 10 years ago. The lecture is full of science. So, if science does not interest you, skip the video!

Dr. Morton goes one step further. He applies the science to your life. He mentioned that the mind naturally wanders. Sometimes, the mind wanders into well-worn negative patterns of thinking which produces negative feelings. To combat this, you need to focus your thoughts on something positive. Once you do this, your positive feelings will begin to follow. This is where a gratitude practice is helpful. By consciously focusing on items in your life that you are grateful, you will feel happier! I recommend the value of the Lift Program for everyone. In the meantime, what creates gratitude in your life?

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