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Eggplant -Is it a super food?

I watched a video that talked about the anticancer benefit of nasunin, which is found in eggplants. This compound has antiangiogenic properties. This means it prevents cancer cells from establishing a blood supply. A blood supply enables nutrients to follow to the cancer cell and allows it to grow and multiply.

So, I was excited! I wanted to immediately add eggplants to my diet. I found a microwave recipe on the Internet that tasted great, but had to be marinated for 45 minutes! I know that some of you are thinking, “Forty-five minutes is not long.” For me, it feel likes forever! I am a pharmacist, not a chef. I get hungry and I want to eat now, not 45 minutes from now!

My search continued and I found this microwave recipe which does not require any time to marinate. I cooked it for 6 minutes and it was good!!! I tried it with balsamic vinegar and soya sauce. It was delicious. I think that any sauce that you enjoy would add to the flavour.

I did a literature search for the science behind eggplant. I did find an article that showed the antiangiogenic properties of nasunin on human endothelial cells. However, I could not find information on how many and how often you need to eat eggplants to benefit from the anticancer properties. If you have found a reference, please enter it into the comments below.

This is a part of my learning process. I think that I found some amazing information and it does not pan out as I expected. At least, I found an easy way to add another vegetable to my diet! Thanks for reading.

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