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Colloidal Silver and COVID-19??

Colloidal Silver is making its rounds, again. This time it is being recommended for the treatment of COVID-19. A person called into the pharmacy asked if we had colloidal silver in stock. I am grateful she told me why – her adult children had recommended it to treat COVID-19. I was skeptical about this claim. I have looked at Colloidal Silver in the past and found this resource mentioning the dangers of using this substance. Colloidal silver is a heavy metal. Heavy metals accumulate in the body. Silver can cause a permanent discolouring of the skin, turning it a bluish-grey colour.

I performed a literature search for the evidence using colloidal silver to treat COVID-19. All I was able to find was one research study from Tunisia. The results have not been published. Given the lack of evidence and the potential for harm, I would not recommend this treatment.

The Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table has created treatment recommendations for people who are infected with COVID-19 based on the severity of the infection. This group is the experts who have the time to read the studies, interpret them and produce guidelines. The even have separate pages for Paxlovid and fluvoxamine, medications used to treat the coronavirus.

At the time of this blog, pharmacists are not allowed to prescribe Paxlovid and fluvoxamine for COVID-19 infections. Pharmacists in some parts of the U.S. can prescribe these medications after testing for the coronavirus. Time will tell if Ontario pharmacists will be permitted.

Photo by Patrick Pankalla on Unsplash

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