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Are the brain, gut and skin connected?

I listened to Dr. Jessica Krant, a dermatologist, speak about the gut-brain-skin connection. She explained that as an embryo, we grow from a ball of cells that has a hole through the middle, like a donut. The cells on the outside become skin cells, while the cells on the inside become digestive tract cells. Our skin and our gut are organs with the same origin, and both are sensitive in some of the same ways.

Stress effects the gut and the skin. Have you ever experienced “butterflies” in your stomach before a presentation? Have you ever caught yourself scratching when you are anxious, sometimes called a “nervous itch”? Have you ever had so many mosquito bites that you cannot wait to get indoors? Have you ever eaten so many raw garden beans that you felt nauseated? If yes, then you have experienced this phenomenon. Thanks for reading! #lifestylemedicine#seniors#olderadults

Photo by Apurv Das on Unsplash

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